Welcome to Cristina´s Blog about art, painting and artists. This is the English Version of

In this blog I intend to store my thoughts about art, themes, painting and artists. I encourage everybody to create his own art work.

Self portrait

Everyone can have an artist inside and can love art. It is our right.

I´m trying to take concienceness about this passion of painting, so I try to reason well, but then I disregard everything, because art is feelings. I value reason and intuition. I do not believe the truth but always tell the truth, and I think also just the right to change your mind and the right to be wrong. I doubt constantly and I have fears.


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Objectives of the portal

This site is a collection of my information and opinion articles about art and painting. The overall objective is to organize my own thoughts and set my preferences. This need gradually publish what I consider most important and exciting art and specifically, the art of painting. The ultimate goal is to create my own paintings.

Positive objectives:

  • Organize, develop and share ideas about art, painting and artists.
  • Encourage the creation and create my works.
  • Talking about art in general and have fun talking about art.
  • Meeting new views on painting and artists. Expand your mind.
  • Develop myself as an artist.

Mundos azules

Blue worlds

Autorretrato en el mar  de Cristina Alejos

Self portrait in the sea.

Autorretrato con la guitarra

Self portrait with the guitar.

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