Drawing techniques

In this section, I present the techniques, materials and tools used to make the artistic drawings. Drawing is a basic technique that help us to develop other arts such as painting, sculpture and architecture. To create a sketch on paper with a simple pencil is often the beginning of a great masterpiece.

Drawing Materials

  1. Charcoals, carbon rods, graphite pencils, inks, markers, colored pencils, pastel pencils bars or even brushes to draw …
  2. The easel board for large formats. Also used drawing tables, which have an inclination. To avoid deformations and have more comfort when drawing, we must try to have our view perpendicular to the paper. The paper is set on the board with pins or paper zeal.
  3. Art papers. The most famous are Canson, Ingres and Fabriano, but there is a variety. Papers can be white (classic) or color. The paper can be satin, not glossy, more or less absorbent, of thickness varying, etc, and we choose it depending on the specialty of drawing that we will perform.
  4. Blending stump, to blur the line of the pencil or charcoal.
  5. Sponges, wool scarves, rags, which we will use to clean and blend.
  6. Stanley knife, for sharpening pencils.
  7. Paper tape to create reservations or to hold paper.
  8. Rules, both rigid and flexible cords, to take action and create grids.
  9. Fixative, to fix the drawing into the paper, even by drawing stages.
  10. Sandpaper, to correct or remove lights charcoal.