Visual alphabet

Section dedicated to understanding the elements of the images and their expressive power: point, line, plane, contrasts, light, color … etc..

Ordered list of visual elements and concepts related to the image.

  1. The point. The point. Energy concentrated
  2. The line. Creative drawing 1. Line art
  3. The plane. The position of shapes on the plane
  4. The outline. Types of visual outline
  5. The direction.
  6. The tone. Painting shadows
  7. The color. The name of the colors and their connotations /// 7 colors contrast/// Neutral and gray colors /// The interaction between colors
  8. The texture. Visual effects and textures expression // Materials to create textures in a painting
  9. The proportion. The golden ratio /// Influences of the canvas size
  10. The dimension (perspectives). The perspectives
  11. Motion. Anatomy of the figure in motion
  12. The equilibrium Types of visual balance in the paint
  13. The tension and contrast. The contrast of light in paint // The diffuse light in painting
  14. The degree of leveling or acute.
  15. The preference for the lower left corner.
  16. Attraction and grouping Basic rules in relation to the forms
  17. Positive / negative. Understanding the positive – negative space
  18. The space.
  19. Representations.
  20. Symbolic elements.
  21. Abstract elements. Painting figuration or abstraction
  22. Associations. Basic rules in relation to the forms
  23. Gradations.
  24. Radiation.

The composition of the image ambraces the use of all of these elements. About the composition you can read:  Compositional elements in painting