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How to understand the expression of a color? I think we should treat colors as friends with whom we have more or less relationship. I will present them one by one, as friends must be presented. That is, subjectively …

The colors are very difficult to universalize because they are directly linked to human emotions. The emotion that transmits us a single color depends on our mood and our individual personality tendencies.

For example, If I am a positive person and I’m in a good mood, the red color will seem exciting, joy and love. If I am a negative person and I have a bad day or something bad has happened to me, the same red color can make me feel nervous, frightened and hurt. I think the colors enhance these states of mind, so we must heed their presence if we want to redirect our feelings.

In addition, each person has a personal relationship with each color, as we have with our friends. Imagine that all your life you liked the yellow color, but after getting lost in the desert three weeks, you just hate it and no longer want to see the yellow color again. Or imagine that throughout life we have seen much one color. So, is this a color / lifelong friend.

Then, I present the list of names proposed by Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris in the book “Design Bases. Color”. A great list of adjectives proposed, with which, even so, not all of us can agree. So, I add another column with my own impressions about each color.

COLOR Name Adjectives (Ambrose – Harris ) My description
Red scarlet Exciting, aggressive, dramatic, dynamic Passionate, intense, dominant, strong, blood
Red brick Safe, natural, strong Earth, depression, dynamism, restlessness
Red warm Seductive, provocative, sensual Gaudy, villain, impulsive, flashy
Hot Pink / Magenta Passionate, flamboyant, flashy Powerful, mysterious, frivolous
Light pink Sweet, delicate, feminine Doubtful, soft, cute, subtle, sweet
Grizzly rose Romantic, exquisite, tender, sentimental Sensible, adventurer, secret
Mauve Sereno, subtle, mellow Intelligent, selfish, evil, powerful, modern
Burgundy Opulent, rich, intense, sumptuous Deep, rich, vital
Fashion fuchsia Voluptuous, energetic, theatrical, fun Quirky, exaggerated, energy, madness
Gamboge Spicy, warm, ethnic, healthy Sunny, warm, enveloping, absorbing
Orange Funny, radiant, vital, the warmest of colors Dynamic, feeds, electrical
Peach Healthy, soft, delicate and velvety touch Simple, harmless, dim, friendly
Yellow (Munsell) Hope, joy, cowardice, deceit Bright, light, sun, sympathetic
Light yellow Inspiring, warm, soothing, foggy summer Repressed energy, amplitude, distance
Golden yellow Sunny, autumnal, cooked Power, gold, warm, generous
Greenish yellow Lemon, sour, fruity, spicy, sharp Striking, evocative, disturbing, impure
Cream Dense, rich, clean, classic, simple Invisible, dehydrated, shy
Beige Responsible, flexible, soft, timeless Practical, subtle, smooth movement, cyclic
Brown Healthy, earthy, responsible, friendly Deep depression, horror, wet land, exhaustion
offee / Chocolate Succulent, durable, delicious Concentration, sex, years
Earth yellow Safe, convenient, organic, rustic Traitor, collected, tired, modest
lilac Female, refined, elegant, graceful Dominant, subtle, intelligent, contaminated
Lavender purple Floral, aromatic, nostalgic, eccentric Modern, extravagant, dense
Purple Sensual, futuristic, friendly Strong, powerful, stable, modern
Dark Purple Majestic, expensive, regional Exotic, difficult, demanding
Plum Full, plump, sophisticated, unique Drunk, malleable, heavy
Violete Mystery, fantasy, spiritual, floral Magic, invigorating, spiritual
Teal blue Cool, expensive, confident, modern Trust, security, serene, welcoming
Electric blue Dynamic, sexy, bold, challenging Vital, generous, cool
Navy blue Uniform, reliable, safe, traditional, constant Deep, eternal confidence
Dark blue Engaged, dramatic, professional, active Uncontrollable, promise, exaggerated
Azure Relaxing, cheerful, confidence Sensual, cheerful, reliable, great water
Turquoise Healer, spiritual, mystical, exotic Gentle, kind, luck, good
Light blue Beautiful, youthful, serene, quiet, cozy, dim Soso, calm, quiet, air
Sea green Fluid, refreshing, purifying, energizing Valuable promising futuristic
Dark green Natural, organic, abundance, exquisite Quiet, wise, smart
Light Green Juvenil, comestible, nauseabundo Joven, molesto, inquieto
Olive Classic, dull, murky, durable Energy, health, life, feeds
Khaki Uniform, camouflage, military, initiative Loaded, filled with substance
Lime Acid, citric, refreshing, juicy, enthusiastic Acid, fun, modern
White Pure,innocent, good, clinical Nothing, cleanliness, purity
Gold Wealth, luxury, excess, luck, tradition Luck, generosity, brilliance, exotic
Silver Prestigious, luxurious, cool, metallic Power, mental, brightness, absorbent quality
Bronze Warm, tradition, enduring, rustic Material, spoiled, warm
Black Magic, dramatic, elegant, sinister, bold Night, loneliness, death, elegance, personality
Charcoal Sophisticated, sober, professional Quiet, modest, strong, powerful
Cool gray Austere, reputed, sad Stupid, cool, modern, distant
Warm gray Contemplative, experienced, sober Responsible, hardworking, practical

Adjectives like weird, strange, wonderful or beautiful, do not really work, they do not describe anything. Neither the word unique or special, because all the colors are so.

For more baldly self-define a color you can think it it´s pleasant / unpleasant, and if it´s in a greater or lesser quantity.

* Note: The next time I have to paint the portrait of a friend, I will first define what words of her/his personality, and then paint with the colors that correspond to him/her.

* To search for an adjective to use the keyboard command Ctrl + F.

More list of colors in Wikipedia

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