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This is a short list of the most important elements to consider for creating and composing images.

Composition - rule of thirds

Composition Rule of thirds by Nevit Dilmen .

Compositional elements:

1- The Rhythm

It refers to the idea of ​​movement, passage, change and flow: variety, succession and unity are the foundation of the composition. Rhythm is the drive of change, the unity in variety (ordered motion). It has three main factors: lines, masses and colors.

2- Basic elements: lines, masses and colors.

– Lines provide the work a dynamic and psychological sense. Directional.

– The Masses and the tones are the visual weights.

– The use of the compositional elements in space.

3- Dimensions and location.

Always keep in mind that the vertical lines suggest stability, a higher horizontal line expresses elevation, suspension and height, a lower horizontal line expresses weight and base, the corners of the picture generates motion, and that the path of our look is from up to down and from right to left.

4- Division of the picture.

2 possibilities:

  • To divide the space into parts. (Create spaces).
  • Encontrar en el espacio determinados puntos principales sobre los que situar motivos importantes de nuestra obra. (Colocar en el espacio).Finding certain key points into the space, where to place the important themes of our work. (Place in Space).

5- The lines and geometric figures.

The linear pattern of the picture is the hidden skeleton of the work.

Types: Straight line Vertical, horizontal line, slanted line, radial straight lines, straight broken lines, line curve.

The geometric figures serve as compositional linear scheme. The geometric figures are: square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval and other traditional structures (use of forms in L, J, S and C).

6- The masses.

They are the objects and the shapes that appear in the image. They configure the visual weight taht is based on their size, position and tone.

7- The tones.

The brightness of the color.

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