Types of visual outline

The visual outline is the line or set of lines that define a shape or figure. By limiting the shape, the lines isolated it in space or composition. They are the outlines that configure the shapes. The length or measure of a contour is called perimeter , used especially in mathematics and technical drawing The […]

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The perspectives

The perspective is a series of practical and logical rules according to human vision. They serve to create the illusion of three-dimensional space and depth on a flat surface such as paper.

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Compositional elements in painting

This is a short list of the most important elements to consider for creating and composing images. Composition Rule of thirds by Nevit Dilmen . Compositional elements: 1- The Rhythm It refers to the idea of ​​movement, passage, change and flow: variety, succession and unity are the foundation of the composition. Rhythm is the drive […]

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Creative drawing 1. Line art

There are three classic types of creative drawing: Lineal art o drawing, gesture drawing and modeling. In this post I will discuss the issue of line drawing, created with the work of lines. Above drawing by Albrecht Dürer. Distribute the lines in place, more in the clothes, less in areas of light. Perfect fit with […]

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