Do you want to know who has painted a picture and what’s the name? Do you have an image and would like to find out more about that painting or photo?

Thanks to Google’s image search engine, you can search from an image who is the author, what the work is called and other technical data.


When you enter the Google search engine, on the page click on the images link that appears on the right and above.


1- Prepare your image on the computer.
Take a photo of the painting by unknown author. With an image editing program you can arrange the photo so that only the frame is visible, nothing around it and no flash lights in between.

2- You save the photo as JPG, standard image digital file.

3- Open the Google page: and click the Images link (top and right) to access the photo search section.

4. You drag your photo from the computer window where you have saved it and drop it into the search box of the google page, in the internet browser.

Buscador de imágenes de google

5- You wait a bit while Google loads the photo and performs the search.

6- If you are lucky, Google will find similar images. If you are not lucky, it will amuse you by showing you photos of similar colors but that have nothing to do with it.

7- In the list that appears with the search results, you will see the thumbnail of the similar photos found. Follow the link of the photos that looks like your image. On the pages where these photos are inserted you will find information about the author and painting.

Many times, looking at books, splendid pictures appear but the publisher of the book has not written the details of the author and the work. This system is perfect for finding information about a work art in the great Internet library.

For example, I did exactly the steps mentioned with this painting by Pieter Brueghel that appeared in a book but without any information about the painting.

Pintura Brueguel, Banquero de ciudad

Painting Brueguel, The delivery of the tithe.


In the search results list I found:

1- Wikipedia.

2- Amazon

3- And also a poster sales page Art-prints-on-demand

The village lawyer

Pieter Brueghel el Joven – La Oficina Recaudador

Artist: Pieter Brueghel the Younger (um 1564 – 1638)
Title: The delivery of the tithe (La entrega del diezmo)
Size : 84 x 52 cm (33,2 x 20,4 inches)
Technique: Huile
Location: Christie’s London

A great help from Google! You can find that unknown author and discover the name of the painting.

Good luck!