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One of the ideal techniques for beginners because you learn to draw at the same time as to tone and you can create good works on paper with simple jobs, which is why it gives great satisfaction.

If you want to learn to draw but you get bored with the graphite pencil, switch to colored pencils, so you can draw and paint at the same time!

Lápices de colores

The papers can be thin, medium and even very thick. A variety of textures will emerge depending on how hard or soft the colored pencil is.

Effects of colors on colored paper:

Lápices de colores

When we draw or paint on a colored paper or canvas, the color that it has can create a great influence on the work. Optical effects are created by influencing some colors with others.

Two work examples:

Lápices de colores

1- In the first drawing of the cube, the paper color works as a halftone. So the colored pencils have been used for the lightest and darkest areas, but the medium tones are given by the paper. The cardboard is brown and only black and white pencil has been used.

2- In the second drawing, the paper works as a union element. The dark blue tone of the cardboard is visible throughout the drawing and unifies the rest of the tones. Dark blue, red and white have been used, and with them the cube or box has been drawn, the light has been painted with white on the surface where it is placed, and the shadows have been marked with dark blue.

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