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A sensual and luscious painting theme, which can be created with as many painting styles as there are. A theme that allows a lot of creativity due to the beauty it contains. A simple subject but at the same time complicated, because the muscles of the back have many lights and shapes that must be understood so that we can paint them well. The most difficult thing is to make the smooth volumes of the muscles without looking like lumps. Paint the vertebrae, the spine, and the directions of the muscles hidden behind the skin.

But this post does not talk about how to technically paint the back. It is about thinking about this pictorial theme. The back of a woman symbolizes many ideas. First of all, the woman cannot see you, as she is looking away from the viewer. Second, by being able to see her body, the theme adds all the sensual and pleasure connotations that a woman’s body brings. And also, the posture, what the woman does, other aspects of the portrait and the scene, all these aspects will add an extra symbolism to the painting.


Observe in these paintings what ideas the painting inspires you, the composition chosen by the artist, and relate it to what surrounds the woman in the painting.

Christoffer Wilhem

Espalda de mujer pintada por Christoffer Wilhem, clasicismo
Woman’s back painted by Christoffer Wilhem. Light and chiaroscuro highlight the muscles of the back.

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Espalda de mujer de Ingres
The Valpinçon Bather or The Great Bather is a painting by the French painter Dominique Ingres. It dates from the year 1808 and it is an oil on canvas that measures 146 cm high by 97.5 cm wide. It is currently kept in the Louvre Museum in Paris,

Women’s back with the Ingres style, a classic style and with a very soft light.

William Merritt Chase

William Merritt Chase (American, 1849 – 1916 ), Study of Flesh Color and Gold, 1888, pastel on paper, Gift of Raymond J. and Margaret Horowitz 2007.94.2

See more about the painter William Merritt Chase

Sara Sánchez

Chica de espaldas al mar
A girl from behind looking at the sea. From the website Sara Sánchez

Diego Rivera

Mujer de espaldas con grandes flores Calas
Woman from behind with large Calla flowers (calla lilies), painted by Diego Rivera.
A more sensual painting. Unknown artist.

Salvador Dalí

Dalí’s painting entitled “My wife contemplating her own body turning into a staircase, three vertebrae of a column, sky and architecture.” 1945.

Paul Delvaux

Mujer de espaldas del artista Delvaux
A woman’s back by the artist Paul Delvaux.

Surrealist style where the woman’s back adds a psychological theme to the theme itself.

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