Drawing techniques

Learn how to draw with a grid

To use a grid lets you copy images accurately maintaining its exact proportions. With this technique you learn to see the dimensions of shapes and we succeeds our drawing thanks to the connection ot the points. This is an example of how you could draw the face of “Venus rising from the sea” by Botticelli […]

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The perspectives

The perspective is a series of practical and logical rules according to human vision. They serve to create the illusion of three-dimensional space and depth on a flat surface such as paper.

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Drawing with charcoal

Charcoal rods are some of the first drawing materials with which we can start working. So, when a person wants to learn how to draw well can start with this and to practice a lot. Charcoal is fine twigs toast to the ideal point. These twigs are soft enough to rid easyly as we brushed […]

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