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Speed painting

I present in this post two videos about the Speed painting, with the use of digital brushes. Nico de Mattia and Stephen Maguire, two cracks of contemporary digital painting.

We have a lot of digital painting techniques. One of the most famous and used is the techniques with digital brushes.

With this technique we emulate traditional painting with digital brushes, but with several advantages.

First, on the computer we don´t have a limit of space or canvas, because we can extend it as we work. The only limit is the resolution or quality that has been given to the image before you start. It is better to start with 200 pixels resolution (ppi) and create the file in the size you want, for example, a size of 21 x 29 cm. Otherwise, all our work will be small and impossible to print into a large format.

Second, we need to learn how to use digital brushes. We need to know the brushes that will be better for any type of brushstroke, to change opacity and tone, and also, the brush size and pressure painting with digital tablet. Master the mouse or stylus takes practice.

But once the technique is mastered, we multiply advantages, because being digital, the technique allows many corrections, steps back in history and to make modifications that programs like Photoshop and Painter allow.

The main issue is how to keep the drawing and how to paint the shapes properly.

With a photo above as a layer, we can trace the lines of the drawing. That layer is independent and we can move it on the top o above to guide us. In the other layers on top is where we are going to paint, deleting, creating new layers if necessary and we can even apply the textures.

In summary, painting with the computer and digital brushes will require the same hours and dedication that do it with the physical brushes. But with the extra of light colors, which are always more alive.

To print the artwork we should go to a printing house, and so, it will be printed on quality paper and with lithography inks. With ordinary printer inks after two years it will lose the colors.


Nico di Mattia


Web site: Nicodimattia.com/

Stephen Maguire


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