Compositional elements in painting

This is a short list of the most important elements to consider for creating and composing images. Composition Rule of thirds by Nevit Dilmen . Compositional elements: 1- The Rhythm It refers to the idea of ​​movement, passage, change and flow: variety, succession and unity are the foundation of the composition. Rhythm is the drive […]

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Contemporary watercolorists

Some watercolor painters today made ​​some excellent works that I keep in my blog. For example, artists like John Blockley, Philip Jamison and Richard Bolton, alongside some more. Watercolor is a difficult technique but with spectacular beauty. Water has the ability to represent itself, but also water represents the nature that feeds and all the […]

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Van Gogh´s flowers

I present here some works of the great painter. The character mix of the artist is so explosive that as a result we have these works of exceptional quality. How to paint like Van Gogh?

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