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Self-portrait by Van Gogh

I present here some works of the great painter.
The character mix of the artist is so explosive that as a result we have these works of exceptional quality.

How to paint like Van Gogh?

To paint like Van Gogh we would need:

  1. Having an uncontrolled nervousness.
  2. Being obsessed with expressing what you see and feel.
  3. To love deeply the nature and to choose it as pictorial theme.
  4. Be interested in express the feeling of affection, love and beauty that is appreciated.
  5. Be absolutely unconcerned about the opinion that others may have about our work.
  6. Strive day by day, hour by hour, mentally and physically.

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers are a number of world-famous works, painted around 1888.
In March 1987, he was the news worldwide resonance buying a Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers by the Japanese magnate Yasuo Goto in an auction, paying 39,921,750 dollars.

Van Gogh's Sunflowers

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers painting

Vase of Flowers

Vase of Flowers

Van Gogh´s Sunflower Head

Sunflower Head

These pieces are a painted with yellows, browns, oranges and a very strong light range. Yellow contrasts with a green or blue. In the vase of sunflowers is offset the aggressiveness of the brush strokes and shapes with a more limited range of colors, and so, he use a soft color background to ocus on the forms.

In the heads of sunflowers, drawing more and more work with variety of colors, but the shapes remain the focal point with which to describe the beauty of the pictorial motif.

Van Gogh´s Poppies


In my opinion, the composition is the key to the beauty of the work. This composition corresponds to the character of the artist. It is powerful, varied, wild and explosive. Blue, as complementary, enhancing the red. And bringing enlightenment to the work of beauty and affection.

Vase with poppies, cornflowers, peonies and chrysanthemums

Vase with poppies, cornflowers, peonies and chrysanthemums

In this work is even more evident the rebellious and nervous character of the artist. Unable to sort them in a classic way, and not being able to reduce the number of flowers, he piled the flowers and he adds more of them into the foot of the vase. The result is more expressive, more like nature itself. The beauty is expansive like a bomb and the flowers strengthen each other.

Van Gogh´s Blue flowers

Blue flowers. Strong game with two colors: yellow and blue/green.

The power of color contrast in this work generates a composition and expressive feeling. The vase is integrated with the background color to reduce the play of colors and this is what makes these two colors are the protagonists. These color selections are the great success of the artist.

Van Gogh’s work is very inspiring and gives food for thought.

For example, think about the flowers falling on the right. They are a group of forms created deliberately to complete the set, which otherwise, would be too symmetrical. Undoubtedly, the imbalances are the specialty of Van Gogh, probably because he lived with his mental imbalance somewhat balancing himself with painting. It is a consciousness that the artist had got about the value of the “imbalance in balance.” Things are not as simple as everything is balanced. Surely the perfect balance is dead. But life is imbalance and movement. As the lover of life that was Vincent Van Gogh, he knew how to see the dynamic and unstable character of life.

In Search of Beauty

Various compositions of flowers by Van Gogh:

Vase with carnations Van Gogh´s flowers Van Gogh golden vase Van Gogh´s flowers composition


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