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Watercolor by Zoltan Szabo

This watercolor painter paints natural subjects with a very great wisdom. It uses all the tricks and techniques that must be known if painting with watercolor.

Even a subject as simple as a tree trunk just being spectacular in the hands of Zoltan Szabo.

Basic techniques used:

  • Wet on wet.
  • Reservations (to protect whites and lighter elements).
  • Glazes and washes of watercolor.
  • Dry Brush.
  • Scraping & ripped.
  • Splattered.
  • Sponge and other tools.
Painter Zoltan Szabo

Zoltan Szabo Portrait

With these techniques, a lot of patience and a lot of art, can reproduce the herbs, water reflections, textures, or the precise forms of a plant. These elements are its beauty, the attractiveness of his watercolors.
He´s traditionally watercolorist, he represents nature realistically and he knows the right color value.

I keep here a few works of his artwork but you can see more on their website:



Zoltan Szabo watercolor

Use dry brush (with direct painting undiluted) and I guess that uses a coarse bristle brush.

Watercolor by Zoltan Szabo

Stunning water reflections created in this watercolor.

Watercolor by Zoltan Szabo

Spider web made ​​with the technique of scratching. The paper should be of very good quality.

Watercolor by Zoltan Szabo

A watercolor lake, one of the best themes for this painting technique.

Watercolor by Zoltan Szabo

A work nicely toned, with depth and foreground.

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