Making your own pastels paintings

The pastel paintings are bars mades of pigments colors with a little of binder that allows us to make the bar shape. Recipe to make your own pastel bars: Dissolve the gum by heating the following proportion: 5 grams of tragacanth gum 1 liter of distilled water The pigment is mixed with the blend of […]

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The Grafiti is a new painting technique that consists on painting with spray on the walls, the urban objects, the urban transport and other elements of the city. Initially, the “painted on the wall” is a quick written expression to leave a message, a protest, an idea or just someone’s name. The evolution begins when […]

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Zoltan Szabo watercolors

This watercolor painter paints natural subjects with a very great wisdom. It uses all the tricks and techniques that must be known if painting with watercolor. Even a subject as simple as a tree trunk just being spectacular in the hands of Zoltan Szabo.

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Egyptian Art Style

One of the most amazing artistic styles is the Egyptian Art. The paintings of Egyptian art have many fans and it´s still very popular today and it inspires new artists. Courtesans, Egyptian Art painting. Egyptian style configuration . How is the Egyptian style and why it is so effective and beautiful? Simplicity is very important […]

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