Creativity and meditation with Meera

Meera Hashimoto is an artist who stands out as an art teacher that knows how to use dynamic meditation in our creative process, how to know ourselves better with it, and even, how to internalize the creativity of other people with whom we connect. Dynamic Meditation frees our mind and our spirit. This way, you […]

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Dom, 16 Jun 2013 » Painters artists » 1 comment

Zoltan Szabo watercolors

This watercolor painter paints natural subjects with a very great wisdom. It uses all the tricks and techniques that must be known if painting with watercolor. Even a subject as simple as a tree trunk just being spectacular in the hands of Zoltan Szabo.

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Vie, 28 Dic 2012 » Painters artists » There are not comments

Van Gogh´s flowers

I present here some works of the great painter. The character mix of the artist is so explosive that as a result we have these works of exceptional quality. How to paint like Van Gogh?

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Vie, 23 Nov 2012 » Painters artists » 6 comments