Watercolor fundamental rules

The fundamental rules to paint with the technique of the Watercolor are some rules and logical ideas to make that painting with watercolors become easier and more controllable and comfortable for the artist process. List of things to consider when painting with watercolors: To know how to draw. You can also use the watercolor pencils. […]

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Painting with Markers

The art of the marker is great for creating quick ideas that are colored with its liquid ink. Allows much faster drawing and coloring. If you put work well, the result can be quite spectacular. The pen is very expressive because it is based on the line as the main graphic element and can also […]

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Oil Paint Recipe

The oil paints recipe is the manufacture of a medium or oily binder. Once we have the binder, with this and pigments we will join it with a spatula or a crutch leather on a good support. The oils can be stored in empty paint tubes that we can close at the bottom. Virgin of […]

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Zoltan Szabo watercolors

This watercolor painter paints natural subjects with a very great wisdom. It uses all the tricks and techniques that must be known if painting with watercolor. Even a subject as simple as a tree trunk just being spectacular in the hands of Zoltan Szabo.

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Contemporary watercolorists

Some watercolor painters today made ​​some excellent works that I keep in my blog. For example, artists like John Blockley, Philip Jamison and Richard Bolton, alongside some more. Watercolor is a difficult technique but with spectacular beauty. Water has the ability to represent itself, but also water represents the nature that feeds and all the […]

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Painting techniques. The oil

The oil is one of the best techniques for painting. It is a mixture of resins and oils with pigments. Oils give fluidity and pigments can be thicker and harder. Oil paintings add much capacity for representation because they allow us to create many shades and color quality is very high. They allow us to […]

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