Neutral and gray colors

The colors black, white and gray are achromatic colors, without color hue. They are the opposite of a pure color. And they are also the colors near the black or white tones. We have a wide range of neutral colors that is gradual. Since the whites mixed with a minimal amount of color, until the […]

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Dom, 04 May 2014 » Visual alphabet » There are not comments

List of visual effects and textures and its expression

The texture is one of the visual elements more important in the paintings. We can use textures to enrich the works, represent reality, add expression and to create visual sensations and relations between the elements of the work. We have an infinite repertoire of textures but we are going to do a basic list with […]

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Vie, 02 May 2014 » Visual alphabet » There are not comments

The name of the colors and their connotations

How to understand the expression of a color? I think we should treat colors as friends with whom we have more or less relationship. I will present them one by one, as friends must be presented. That is, subjectively … The colors are very difficult to universalize because they are directly linked to human emotions. […]

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Mar, 16 Oct 2012 » Techniques of art » There are not comments