Anatomy Figure in motion

This is a image collection about human anatomy, the figures in movement, the equilibrium states and the visual canon. Artistic drawing basic for learning to draw. These works of Andrew Loomis, if I’m not mistaken, are made as sketches and linear constructions. The key is to understand the human anatomy in order to reflect consistency in the drawing.

Running man
Running man


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Volume modeling in the artistic drawing

The drawing of the volume consists of representing the magnitude or scale of an object and the space that the object occupies. To get this we use modeling art. It means to draw gradients, shadows and lights on the objects to simulate their volume, to create the illusion of three-dimensionality. For this reason, it´s also called 3D modeling, as it seeks to represent a space with depth.

Drawing volume

Drawing the volumes


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Creative drawing 2. Gesture drawing

There are three classic types of creative drawing: Line art, Gesture drawing and Modeling.

The drawing is the opposite gestural line drawing, where we´ll search to make a line accurate after a detailed observation of the model.

However, the objective of gestural drawing is not to capture the geometry of the model but its movement. The objective is to capture this movement, that is, the rhythm or gesture, as quickly as possible with our hands. That´s the reason why a gesture drawing is an expression of the artist’s first reaction to the issue.

Unlike the line drawing that is very analytical, in the drawing gesture we´ll search simplicity and fluency in the drawing.

Example of gestural drawing, a sketch of David Millard of a street with people, cranes, traffic.

Hustle on the streets

Hustle on the streets, by David Millard.


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Creative drawing 1. Line Drawing

There are three classic types of creative drawing: Lineal art o drawing, gesture drawing and modeling. In this post I will discuss the issue of line drawing, created with the work of lines.

Durero´s drawing

Above drawing by Albrecht Dürer. Distribute the lines in place, more in the clothes, less in areas of light. Perfect fit with agile work.

When we need to learn to draw more and better, it’s best to use more creative drawing techniques. Begin to see differently and look for the picture with other forms of drawing. And even develop a personal style.


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