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The best video tutorials about watercolor landscapes, trees, flowers, rocks, branches… The videos created by Terry Harrison.

This painter masters the techniques of watercolor in an amazing way, as can be seen in his books and videos.

Landscapes by Terry Harrison
Landscapes by Terry Harrison

But in addition, Terry has created his own techniques where he shows how to make rocks by tearing the paper with a credit card (see below), or how to paint trees and branches with an ease way never seen before. He has even created her own brushes, with which he manages to do all kinds of effects and tricks so that her landscapes have textures, shapes and details that give the painting a quality and beauty typical of his style. It is a good example of how the artist must do everything possible to master the technique, experimenting and creating tools that help him create the desired images.

When I lived in England around 2002, I got to know Terry Harrison’s books thanks to the libraries, which have many books by him. After 10 years, he is still the best with his step-by-step tutorials and books where he explains the techniques. The advantage of the videos, however, is that they are very visual and also with the images step by step. Therefore, I advise you to know these videos, because you save a lot of time by having a good tutorial.

I add two links to their website. One goes to videos and the second to books and DVDs. Terry Harriso is an international master of watercolor.

The videos are in:

His site web: http://www.terryharrisonart.com/Video-Tutorials/ and Youtube.

Also here: http://www.youtube.com/user/mwkify/videos

His books:


The landscapes of Terry Harrison

Trees are Terry’s favorite subject, which is why he is a specialist painting them.

Paisaje con árbol de Terry Harrison

Landscape with a tree as the protagonist.

Paisaje con árboles de Terry Harrison

Landscape with lavender flowers and trees.

Paisaje otoñal de Terry Harrison

Autumn landscape, with the colors of toasted sienna earth and cadmium yellow as the protagonists.

Paisaje de invierno  de Terry Harrison

A winter day, created with the masking liquid technique. There are some very good videos on this technique too.

Videos of Terry, how to paint rocks with a credit card:

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