Learn how to draw with a grid

To use a grid lets you copy images accurately maintaining its exact proportions. With this technique you learn to see the dimensions of shapes and we succeeds our drawing thanks to the connection ot the points. This is an example of how you could draw the face of “Venus rising from the sea” by Botticelli […]

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Mie, 11 Nov 2015 » Drawing techniques » There are not comments

The Watercolor, one of the most difficut technique

Watercolor has the following advantages: Artworks very much alive. It is one of the best techniques for representing water. Beautiful fusion of colors and very beautiful colors. If we known how to work the watercolor, the light is radiant and powerful. The graphisme and the textures of the material, usually with thick grain paper, gives […]

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Dom, 25 Ene 2015 » Painting Techniques » There are not comments


The Grafiti is a new painting technique that consists on painting with spray on the walls, the urban objects, the urban transport and other elements of the city. Initially, the “painted on the wall” is a quick written expression to leave a message, a protest, an idea or just someone’s name. The evolution begins when […]

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Mar, 27 May 2014 » Painting Techniques » There are not comments

Pastel painting

The Pastel is a dry painting technique with excellent quality. The sticks are composed of pigment and tragacanth gum as a binder. The pastel has a velvety appearance on the paper, bright, attractive, and also, it´s a very grateful technique ideal for practicing with color, as being a dry technique it doesn´t need solvents or […]

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Sab, 12 Oct 2013 » Techniques of art » There are not comments

Creative drawing 2. Gesture drawing

There are three classic types of creative drawing: Line art, Gesture drawing and Modeling. The drawing is the opposite gestural line drawing, where we´ll search to make a line accurate after a detailed observation of the model. However, the objective of gestural drawing is not to capture the geometry of the model but its movement. […]

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