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Paint on glass

Painting on glass is an application of paint in a very versatile medium. Once painted, the glass objects can be used for common use or as a decorative object. But depending of the quality and method of fixing the paint on the glass, it is recommended to use it only as decorative objects. Thanks to […]

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Pastel painting

The Pastel is a dry painting technique with excellent quality. The sticks are composed of pigment and tragacanth gum as a binder. The pastel has a velvety appearance on the paper, bright, attractive, and also, it´s a very grateful technique ideal for practicing with color, as being a dry technique it doesn´t need solvents or […]

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Painting with Acrylics

Acrylic paints are paints whose base binder resins are acrylic or vinyl glues, which creates a stable and elastic film. This glue sticks very well in a variety of materials. It works with water as diluent. Pollock painting with acrylics.

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