The interaction between colors

The color in a picture is always relative , you will never see a color as it really is, as how it is physically. This is because there are influences of te other colors around. These influences or interactions can be received in different ways. Below I have created a list of influential factors that […]

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Lun, 05 May 2014 » Visual alphabet » 2 comments

List of visual effects and textures and its expression

The texture is one of the visual elements more important in the paintings. We can use textures to enrich the works, represent reality, add expression and to create visual sensations and relations between the elements of the work. We have an infinite repertoire of textures but we are going to do a basic list with […]

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Vie, 02 May 2014 » Visual alphabet » There are not comments

Understanding the positive – negative space inside the images

In our visual alphabet, we’ll add another element. The negative and positive space, dealing with space and the ability to perceive the shapes within a space. In the world of photography negative and positive concept is also used, but is not the same, and this has created a lot of confusion … In photography white […]

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Dom, 27 Abr 2014 » Visual alphabet » There are not comments