How to do the encaustic and wax paintings

The encaustic technique has the beeswax as binder. The name of encaustic (enkaustikos = engrave with fire) it comes from the ancient Greece, but the Egyptian civilization also used this technique in the sarcophagus.

The classic technique of encaustic only with wax must be worked in a hot temperature, because the wax becomes hard when it’s cold. So, you can work well with brushes, the paint stays brighter and we can extend it in a uniform way. Cold / warm you can also work with Palette knives.



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Making your own pastels paintings

Discover how to do your own pastel bars paints

The pastel paints are bars mades of pigments colors with a little of binder that allows us to make the bar shape.

Pinturas pastel

Recipe to make your own pastel bars Paints

Dissolve the gum by heating the following proportion:

The pigment is mixed with the blend of water and tragacanth gum. You can also use a little ok skim milk, egg tempera, rabbit skin glue, and other simple binders.


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Learn how to draw with a grid

To use a grid lets you copy images accurately maintaining its exact proportions. With this technique you learn to see the dimensions of shapes and we succeeds our drawing thanks to the connection ot the points.

To draw the Botticelli's Birth of  Venus with a grid

This is an example of how you could draw the face of “Venus rising from the sea” by Botticelli with the help of a grid.


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How to do Watercolors and temperas paintings

The recipe for making your own watercolors paintings is easy and inexpensive. Only a gum o fruit tree resin and pigments are required.

homemade watercolors paintS recipe

The binder we used is the arabic gum or a cherry, apricot or peach tree resin.

We heat in a saucepan 50% of distilled water with 50% of gum.

Recipes for making Watercolors

Recipe 1

If we want to do the paints in small tablets or pastilles (solid when it’s dry), the materials that we need are:

  • 50% of disolved gum
  • 100% of pigments.
  • 5% of Glycerin*

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Basic materials for Watercolour painting

To start painting with watercolors, first, we must learn how to get ready the basic materials that we’ll need, and then, I will show you how to stretch the watercolor paper.

 Rowland Hilder Watercolor

Watercolor Paintings

Watercolors are made from Gum arabic and pigments in powder. We use water as diluent.

You can find watercolors as tablets and tubes, the first cheaper.

The tablets are very good paint to do small color mixtures and to create sketches, but they tend to dry fast and we should keep covering them with a damp cloth before closing the box.

The tubes of watercolor are more rich in color and it doesn’t spoil the brushes as the tablets do, because we don’t need to rub.

Quality, however, depends on the quality of the pigments which have been used to make the paint, whether he is in a tube or a tablet.


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Watercolor fundamental rules

The fundamental rules to paint with the technique of the Watercolor are some rules and logical ideas to make that painting with watercolors become easier and more controllable and comfortable for the artist process.

List of things to consider when painting with watercolors:

    1. To know how to draw. You can also use the watercolor pencils.
    2. Painting from the lighter towards the darkest.
    3. Learning to control the transparency and opacity of the paint.
      The color is rinsed with water, not with the white color. This allows that the tone persists and it has more color quality.


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The Watercolor, one of the most difficult technique

Daisies of watercolor

Watercolor has the following advantages:

  • The works painted with watercolor are very alive, they express life.
  • It is one of the best techniques for the representation of water, liquids, atmospheres and gaseous effects.
  • The watercolor technique has a very beautiful color and fusion of colors, thanks to the water.
  • If you know how to work well, the light in watercolor is radiant and powerful.
  • The graphic aspect of the watercolor is outstanding. The texture of the material, for example coarse-grained paper, gives the work a great plastic quality.
  • You can work the drawing very well.
  • We can do mixed media with watercolor.
  • This technique allows you to develop sensitivity in a very subtle way. Expands smoothness, attention to detail, emotion, composition, and depth. Everything that the imagination requires.

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Painting figuration or abstraction

This theme is included in the art techniques because it affects the shapes, the composition and configuration of the work. The artist must decide between using the representation and the figuration or to use the abstraction and the graphic elements in the creation. The message of the work can be from concrete ideas to more abstract ideas.

These decisions in the shape can be gradual, i.e., we can be using both modes simultaneously, figuration and abstraction.

We could think that the big difference between those expressive systems is the wish of the artist on specify his message. But this is not so. We must remember that it is the spectator who sets the final message, according to their knowledge and experience.

The figuration provides concrete objects, but the composition can be so much complex that although all the shapes materialize concrete ideas, the set could be very ambiguous and open thought.


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Digital painting and applications to paint

Today we have a lot of applications to paint with the computer. Brushes, pencils, airbrushes, paint buckets and feathers have been developed to make drawings and paintings as if we were working in the traditional way. The big difference is that the creation is a digital file and also the materials and tools are digital.

Colors fishPenguins


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