Confirm yourself as an artist – self-portraits painting

Painting a self-portrait where we represent ourselves making the art that we like the most, serves to generate the positive energy that allows us to continue working as artists and to generate the good luck of being able to continue creating the art works that we want.

painter Rousseau

“Le douanier Rousseau, Jungles à Paris”, Rousseau’s self-portrait.

That is why, throughout history, painters have made multiple paintings with themselves painting, with the painter’s easel and the canvas next to him, the brushes in the hand and a favorable environment for the realization of the work. It is also a kind of therapy or go within in oneself, since we generate the image of ourselves in the artistic activity.


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Contemporary solutions for painting music

Searching for contemporary painters who paint music, I have found various solutions to the challenge that supposes the representation of sound, music and rhythm.

In this post I share my studies on this subject, how contemporary painters dare to paint pictorial themes related to the world of modern music.

concert music

Painting of a Rock Concert by Larry Wall. Imagen source.

The first thing I find when I search in English for “Painting music” is the website of Phillip Schreibman: Painting music


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Painting music – In the antiquity

The visual representation of music, sounds, musicians and singers, throughout history has always been linked to the musical style, and also, the instruments of its time. It has been an important topic of inspiration. In this post we will see music in ancient painting. And the next topic will be Music in contemporary painting.

musicians and dancers.

Pintura egipcia con músicos y bailarines.


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Vasili Kandinsky, the representation of sound and music

One of the most important ideas that Kandinsky sought to represent in his great work was the music and the sounds. This is how he expresses it in his written works where he adds “the spiritual”. This “spiritual” is closely related to the “abstract thinking” that humans carry out to understand more things.

Dibujo de Kandinsky
Kandinsky composition.


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Painting those who sleep

When we paint a person or an animal sleeping soundly, sometimes it seems that we can also paint what they are dreaming about and the mysterious and internal world in which they are currently immersed. It is an indiscreet glance, we observe when that person is unconscious. But in the world of painting and illustration, it has been used a lot to express innocence and beauty. In addition, if those who sleep are children or beautiful maidens, the idea of innocence is enhanced.

La princesa durmiente, Victor Vasnetsov

Sleeping Beauty, painting by Victor Vasnetsov (1848 – 1926). The tale of sleeping beauty, which has been widely used in illustration for children’s books. Vasnetsov made this impressive painting in his pictorial style.

Here you have a small collection of paintings where the main characters are happily sleeping. Let’s start with Van Gogh …


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Paint the obsessive idea of death

The conscience of death that human have and the idea of what death means is reflected in arts in an intense, deep and painful way throughout history. Without life there is no death and without death there is no life. The two sides of the same coin.

Death by Teodors Ūders

Teodors Ūders drew this work entitled “Death” or “Death” in 1914, a skeleton walking towards the waters. See in Google Art Project.


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Paint the jewels of your eyes

The eyes are organic crystals capable of collecting light and converting it into the biological chemistry that communicates with the brain and creates images. They are extraordinary organs that work without interruption, adapting to the light and focusing on the points of attention.

Nature has made one of its greatest successes with the creation of eyes, those pearls given to us to see the world. Bright, colorful, expressive and lively, they are the source of expressions and emotions.

Eyes by Jason Brooks.
Woman’s eyes, painted by Jason Brooks.

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Van Gogh’s technique

In this blog post I dug a little more into Van Gogh’s painting technique. To see his works directly is one of the best ways to see his brushstrokes and colors, but for this you have to go to museums. If you cannot go to see the original paintings of Van Gogh, I present two websites as an option to better see his painting technique.

Van Gogh eyes

In addition, on these pages we can find technical data such as size, dates and the technique used for many of his works.

The key to better understanding the painting technique of this master of color and rhythm is to see his paintings well. The more we see, the better we will understand his tricks and ideas. In his works you can see how he mixes the shades of color, the play of brush strokes, the immense work, the harmony of color, the drawing that the painting generates and many details that give us inspiration.


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Paintings with the clothed figure where the fabrics are the protagonists

There are infinite formulas to represent dressed human beings, since the clothes that we have invented for ourselves are infinite: dresses, shirts, pants, kimonos, underwear, sportswear, dancewear, swimwear, etc, etc. … The great world of fabrics and sewing. In addition to all the accessories that are used; bandanas, hats, scarves, hats, belts, gloves and many others.

Woman in Yellow Dress by Max Kurzweil
Woman in Yellow Dress by Max Kurzweil, Austrian Impressionist Painter, Work of 1899.

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