How to make Varnishes

The varnishes are used to protect the paintings and also to apply to them a matt, semi-matt bright effect. Some varnishes are just the tree’s resins that are dissolved with turpentine (or better essence of turpentine) and with smoth heat (into a water bath), or just leaving the resin some time to dissolve inside the […]

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Paper marbling

Craft original from Japan, the papers marbling have patterns similar to a smooth marble or other stones. This papers with marbled forms of water are made with a simple technique that allows a lot of creativity. The most easier technique is the oil marbling, or with lithographic inks or other oil-based paintings. These paints float […]

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Contemporary American Painting Abstract Art

Some of the most renowned painters of contemporary abstraction in America are Tomory Dodge, Chris Finley, Carrier Moyer, Elizabeth Neel, Krin Dave, Peter Peri and Daniel Hesidence. All of them have exhibitions in the best American galleries, New York, San Francisco, Chicago … and catalogs for sale in galleries like the Saatchi Gallery. Very famous […]

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Painting techniques. The oil

The oil is one of the best techniques for painting. It is a mixture of resins and oils with pigments. Oils give fluidity and pigments can be thicker and harder. Oil paintings add much capacity for representation because they allow us to create many shades and color quality is very high. They allow us to […]

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