Surrealism: The painters of dreams

“Surrealism relies in the belief of a superior reality of certain forms of association, not taken into account until today, in the omnipotence of dream and unselfish thought process. Definitely tends to raze all other psychic mechanisms and to substitute in solving the major problems of life. “Surrealist Manifesto of 1924, André Breton. Some interesting […]

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Contemporary American Painting Abstract Art

Some of the most renowned painters of contemporary abstraction in America are Tomory Dodge, Chris Finley, Carrier Moyer, Elizabeth Neel, Krin Dave, Peter Peri and Daniel Hesidence. All of them have exhibitions in the best American galleries, New York, San Francisco, Chicago … and catalogs for sale in galleries like the Saatchi Gallery. Very famous […]

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Painting with Acrylics

Acrylic paints are paints whose base binder resins are acrylic or vinyl glues, which creates a stable and elastic film. This glue sticks very well in a variety of materials. It works with water as diluent. Pollock painting with acrylics.

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